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Tour of Ilum

December 3, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with the governor of Ilum for a tour of the facilities.

Ilum: After Jedi defense forces were spread thin, the Black Dawn was contacted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) to take over the security of the mining operations there. Over time the Black Dawn took more and more interest in the area, finally becoming the de-facto government and petitioning the planet for membership in the CIS which was obtained. Now Wing, the leader of the Black Dawn has taken over governor duties of the frozen world and oversees its major exports of ice and Adegan crystals.

A view from the Ilum landing-port.

A view from the Ilum landing-port.

In the time that the Black Dawn has been on Ilum, its economy has grown exponentially, and a lot of resources have been re-invested in the planet, from state of the art facilities to other cutting edge technologies like the streamlined swoops that have become the major transportation mode. In fact, Governor Wing is considering to have a swoop tract built. Other modern facilities have also been built to relieve the dreariness of the miners and security personnel who live on the desolate world.

Our first part of the tour took us on a swoop ride around several of the facilities finally culminating at the main mine. The mine is still producing crystals, more than a few lifetimes worth as stated by the governor, but excavation and continues mas digging has stopped due to concerns of tunnel collapses. The Adegan crystals which have been made the backbone of the Ilum economy are used by several factions in the galaxy, mainly Jedi, who have contracted with the Black Dawn for crystal supplies, and ship builders. However, currently the Black Dawn refuse to sell to the Sith because of the several problems they’ve had of Sith attacking miners, Jedi and other personnel in attempts to steal crystals or just for the violence.

Bottom of the main Ilum mine.

Bottom of the main Ilum mine.

The mine itself is deep enough where respirators are a necessity. The crystals, whose abundance give the tunnels a violet glow, are harvested with sonic drill which are used to cut paths around the crystals, which are then extracted by plasma cutters. The process is time-consuming and more expensive than traditional mining, but the Governor stated it was necessary to make sure the crystals are in pristine condition and that surrounding bedrock isn’t disturbed too much. Governor Wing stated that all Jedi are welcome to come to the mines for their crystals and they will only have to pay acquisition costs, bring food and medical supplies for the miners, and act as a mine supervisor for a day. However they must provide advanced notification of their arrival so they can pass through security.

After leaving the mine, the Governor took us to one of the entertainment facilities where several Black Dawn members and Mandalorians were relaxing. Currently the Black Dawn itself is providing security on the planet itself while they’ve contracted with Mandalorian clans to provide security around the systems space.

Our tour of the impressive facilities came to an end there though the Governor made concluding remarks that the CIS and Ilum have a bright future, while other factions are decaying they are prospering. So if you need crystals, or large chunks of ice, contact the Black Dawn and do some business, they seem to have a competitive edge on the market.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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