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War comes to an end for the Consortium Alliance

December 8, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended a ceremony held by the Consortium Alliance.

“After years a bloody civil war within the Consortium Alliance, the conflict finally came to an end with the rebel leaders taken into custody. The war broke out when a high-ranking member, Reezo tried to take control of the Consortium for himself and renamed his faction the True Consortium. Battles broke out across several systems in this section of space leaving countless dead and homeless. Now that the war has finally come to an end, the rebuilding process can start to take place.

Members of the warrior caste look to Warlord Maroth as he commemorates the end of the war.

To commemorate the end, Consortium leadership held a ceremony for those that had fallen with the putting to rest one of their most respected warlords, Allison, who was killed in the last battle. Viceroy Vivian Roxly explained that the conflict had been a stalemate for years, but the Alliance had learned of the rebels construction of a super weapon. The Alliance made a last-ditch effort to destroy the weapon and bring Reezo to his news. A naval battle occurred at the sight labeled IA-005 where several perished, but the final nails in the True Consortium’s coffin were finally pushed in.

Warlord Maroth Zhel, leader of the Consortium Alliance gave the opposing forces a chance to rejoin or submit, which most did following the capture of Reezo, once again reunifying the Consortium. This ceremony commemorated those that lost their lives on both sides.

The ceremony began with a sorrowful song that broke out amongst the warrior caste that was housed in the temple devoted to the goddess Rikora. Warlord Maroth then took to the altar and gave a speech “My brothers and sisters. Honored guests. We gather here in the hall of the Goddess of War, Rikora. We gather again in this hall as one. Unified by the Warlord. Many died for this cause. Your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, the list continues. All of them we knew in some form. Amongst those brave souls, we bow our heads in a moment of silence for Warlady Allison Hastega. The one responsible for my freedom and the unification of our people. She took what was necessary to do the impossible. May Rikora bless her journey to Vor’Ik’Tar and May Thaskis grant her fair judgement.”

The warlady’s coffin was then brought to its final resting place by Maroth as music played and black flow petals were placed on the coffin and along its path, a symbol of honor by the religious caste.

As the conflict has come to a close the Consortium will heal and then begin its duties of aiding its allies throughout the galaxy as a new Era begins for the Alliance.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira