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Sapphire Tafo resigns from Republic Acting Vice Chancellor

December 9, 2012

Galactic News Network received a copy of the Republic acting Vice Chancellor.

GNN obtained the formal resignation of Sapphire Tafo from her position as acting Vice Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. She had been voted in when the previous Vice-Chancellor Fenris Khar’jiir had retired from public service. Like others before, she continued to fill the position even after her world of Tython withdrew from the Republic. However, as the general feel and makeup of the Republic has drastically changed over the past few weeks, Miss Tafo herself has decided to also withdraw from her position with the letter of resignation;

Sapphire Tafo:

After careful consideration, I decided to return my mandate of Acting Vice Chancellor to the Senate. It never was my ambition; I accepted it inspired by Senators, some of them now away. It was supposed to be transient, I even re-staked it more than once. But now, I don’t see elections coming in. I cannot work under the leadership of a Chancellor who is now a Imperial Subject and lately proposed a Foreign King for a seat to the supreme court of Justice. I see the continuation of the former Chancellor’s reign which was marked by its series of scandals.

Some state the Republic is weakened now. But now the autocrats have left, for the most part, the Democracy has a chance to set up. It’s going to be to the next generation to complete it, and to set it in stone in all part of the Republic.

Promote the democracy. Monarchies and other autocracies showed they are unreliable and volatile members; their queens and Co. mostly care about their personal interest. Denying any control from the people, they consider their world as their real estate and then they will switch alliance according to their mood.

Be independent, don’t trust foreigners for practising the sovereign rights of the Republic; the Senate shall findd the resources within its loyal people rather than hired outsiders, whatever prestigious or friendly they are. This applies to the Jedi, whenever they work under the Republic’s control, they deserve their privileges; if they want to be independent, they have to renounce to them.

Bind the powers to the Chancellors, the recent examples showed they have the power to screw up the Republic, and it’s only a sample of what they’re able to do. At the end, limit also the mandates of the individual senators for they don’t pile up local, federal and other positions, gaining undue privileges and blocking the roles for the newest generation.

And never forget communicate, because the Republic shall be made of its people working together.

The Republic is at a crossroads as to what what path it can take. While Yavin IV, Dantooine, and Bothawui make up its core power base, many questions and unresolved problems still linger. How these systems and the new generation of member systems handle them only time will tell.”

— Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Arman T'ad
    December 9, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    [quote]Promote the democracy. Monarchies and other autocracies showed they are unreliable and volatile members; their queens and Co. mostly care about their personal interest.[/quote]

    because, you know…the Republic would neeeever DREAM of putting its politicians first…oh wait.

  2. Lerina Desri
    December 9, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    Ah so the mighty Sapphire Tafo has finally resigned from her position, where she has flaunted it around more as the real Vice Chancellor, instead of the Acting Vice Chancellor. Lets take a look at a few things, shall we? You say the Republic is weakened now, and we might as well blame the autocrats and Chancellors before…I disagree, I blame the Senate as a whole, and the very low military that we had when I was Minister of Defense, apparently I could never get that around to anyone when it came time to Coruscant and Tython..

    Here you are again, bashing on monarchies..How sad that you have to devote your time to that, because we all know that the Old Republic had millions of worlds, and a good deal of them were Monarchies. Look at that, they didn’t fall for several thousand years with all those monarchies either. You bash on the current Acting Chancellor for her to appoint a Foreign King to the Supreme Court, considering I’m sure he was also one of the Chancellors before he was a king if I know who you are thinking about.

    The Senate will not be able to find anyone out there to help rebuild this Republic, it saddens me to see that the Republic has fallen this far, and that there is nothing that can be done to see to fix it. These worlds that remain in the Republic I have never seen them show up when I was at Senate meeting during my tenure as Minister of Defense. What is left for this Republic, in all honesty? This is not the fault of Tiffany Vandergraff, the other monarchies in the Republic, or anything like that. The fault lays directly with the Senate itself, for the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Senate is nothing more than one who makes sure order is kept within the Senate halls. It is the Senate and its Senators themselves who have destroyed this Republic, who could not even hope to be something as great as the Old or New Republic before our times. I would suggest that you start to reconsider how you see things Tafo, and who to point fingers at, because while you point it at others, you also need to point it at yourself.

    -Lerina Desri
    Former Minister of Defense for the Republic

    • Arman T'ad
      December 9, 2012 at 8:05 AM

      and this is why this person is a former Republic person…she has the capability to say more than a few sentences of nonsense and can basically outright tell you to go to hell without sounding rude for a second. Oya, Ms. Desri.

  3. Inquiry
    December 9, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    Hizzah for Lerina! You have a brain and a rather beautiful brain at that. Where do I sign up, Miss Desri? I would follow you any day.

    • December 9, 2012 at 1:47 PM

      Whatever the republic did, it did to its self. To point fingers is relatively useless now. I could very well name the jedi loving policies of certain senators and systems. There are far to many problems to name. But Tafo it seems is once again blaming the wrong people.

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