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Swoop Cup in Bakura

December 9, 2012

Galactic News helped the organisation of the second Galactic Swoop Cup.

The first races of the second season of the Galactic Swoop Cup (GSC) took place in Bakura. Organised by X Play and Galactic News Network, the track made a loop crossing the undercity. A difference to most races of the first season, everyone used the same model of swoop.


First Race starting

In both races, organised at different times of the day, a large audience came in, not only from Bakura but from several parts of the Galaxy. The ranking of the first race:

  1. Pip
  2. Mag
  3. Jupe Lars
  4. Rakiko Lowtide

Amazingly the first two finished their 10 laps about in he same time but Pip crossed the line a fraction of second earlier. Also a clone trooper, F-4391 crashed during the race and wasn’t able to finish.


Second race, in front of the Lambda shuttle pric

Mag however won he second race:

  1. Mag
  2. La’a
  3. Veeda Aya

The winners of both race received a lambda shuttle sponsorided by Minx Bade.

Like in for the first edition, the best of the two races ranking determines the number of points final ranking (5 points for a first place, 3 for a second place, 2 for a third place and 1 for a fourth). After the first day of racing the ranking is:

  • 5pts: Pip, Mag
  • 3pts: La’a
  • 2pts: Veeda Aya, Jupe Lars
  • 1pts: Rakiko Lowtide

The next races will take place in Ilum, a world of ice and snow. Hopefully it’s not going to discourage the audience.

— Daana Kira