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CIS hear new members

December 10, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News attended to the CIS meeting in Mustafar.

The Confederacy of Independent System (CIS) met in the planet Mustafar, held by Issulla the Hutt and presiding the session. Gistya Antilles announced “hardware” under development for the members to evaluate, but didn’t revealed its nature.

Yavin 4

The meeting

Next the queen Talani Sage from Naboo announced her intent to join the CIS, following an offer of Lady Kia. Answering on Salene Lusch’s and Gistya Antilles’ requests, she explained she was looking for new trading ties. She added she’s governing with the help of advisors and her major exportation were plasma and a popular blossom wine. The member voted for Naboo unanimously.

Then Malrev 4 announced its intent to join the CIS. Salene Lusch and Gistya Antilles tried to know more about their affiliation with the Galactic Empire, since the double affiliation wouldn’t be well seen. Malrev answered their world was neutral, as well as the Order of Sith Lord is, even if Zyrah was changed of the “Supplies and Transport, Payroll and Finances” of the Empire. This matter was postponed to the next meeting, after envoys could examine the issue with the Empire.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide