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Ilum Swoop races

December 16, 2012

Galactic News Network took part to the swoop race in Ilum.

The second race of the Galactic Swoop Cup started in the ice world of Ilum. Once more several people attended despite the cold weather.

Ilum sinuous track

The long track was drawn across the snowdrift and featured a few dark caves. A price in credit awarded the first three racers.

Due to several issues the first race was replaced by the timing of the best of eight laps made by the competitors. Nora Saria, the last edition champion, made by far the best time.

  1. Nora Saria: 32.65s
  2. Jupe Lars: 36.50s
  3. Pip: 36.61s
  4. Rakiko Lowtide: 38.04s
  5. La’a Waverider: 62.77s

Race start

Few hours later, the second race took place. It was however interrupted and a “sudden death” match decided the winners.

  1. Minx Bade
  2. Chelsea Blauvelt
  3. Pip
  4. La’a Waverider

After Ilum race the ranking of the Galactic Swoop Cup is

  • 7pts: Pip (+2)
  • 5pts: Mag, Jupe Lars (+3), Nora Saria (+5), Minx Bade (+5)
  • 4pts: La’a Waverider (+1)
  • 3pts: Chelsea Blauvelt (+3)
  • 2pts: Veeda Aya, Rakiko Lowtide (+1)

But it’s just the beginning of the Cup, the next race will be run in half a dozen of days in the tracks of Nar Shaddaa.

— Daana Kira