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Business and Mysterious guests at the Hutt Night

December 21, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News attended to the Hutt Night in Nar Shaddaa.

The Hutt Clan Council met once again in the Black Hole Casino of Nar Shaddaa. The Hutts Jengaz, Shaka and Vakeva welcomed the guests, announcers and solicitors introduced by the majordomor Sienn Al’kina.

“The Child” and the Hutts

The first to speak was introduced as “the child.” She was sent by the “Empress” of a secret society called the “Faceless” to transmit a datapad to the Hutt. Those one were mildly interested and allowed her to leave, suggesting she could fall on the pit otherwise. An investigation on her claim was envisaged by Darth Abyssus.

Next, Lorelei Sorrell talked for the X Play company to announce the upcoming Swoop Races in Nar Shaddaa ((Saturday 11AM and 8PM)), a life tree party at the Baby Girl’s ((the next Saturday)) before the race resume in Mustafar ((the Saturday after)) Also after the Hutt Night, Kaelinn X will kick of the Celestial Artifact hunt leaving the starting informations she has in the club.

The Crimson Talon

After this announce, the ship crew of the Crimson Talon came to propose their services, promising shared profits to their partners. Vakeva wanted to meet them after the Hutt Night.

They were followed by Det’rcha, another ship captain and smuggler, proposed a Sith Holocron to the Hutt. However those one were difficult to deal with and he left without agreeing.

The “Mysterious Stranger”

Afterward someone introducing himself as “Mysterious Stranger” came to the grate to propose the Hutt to boycott the Sith Empire as a retaliation of the Sith alleged creatures having popped out in the under city. Also the Sith in general would oppress the Galaxy. Darth Abyssus, caring of the creature issue with the creature denied their origines is known and added no Sith Oppression was felt in Nar Shaddaa. Vakeva also minimised the danger since the moon was yet defended by enough volunteers. The stranger insisted telling such a boycott would also improve their relation with the Jedi world. Abyssus answered it wouldn’t matter since their business with the Sith Empire where little to none. The stranger tried to show the Jedi would be a better option to ally with since they would want to aid to find a cure to some Plague. Although they Hutt said too few Jedi ever helped the Hutt so far. The stranger said he helped against the undercity creatures and proposed to interceded with the Jedi, without much success.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide