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GenTek Opens Base on Tatooine

December 22, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with GenTek representative Lexxi Romanoff outside of Mos Eisley.

On the outskirts of Mos Eisley lies an ancient temple, that most recently has been used by different Hutts as a headquarters. However, after a latest business deal, the corporation known as GenTek Weapons Systems is now the new occupant. They will be using the location as their new headquarters, place of business, and a meeting place for their clients.

Lead Gunsmith of GenTek.

GenTek specializes in all manners of weapons, from the common to custom-built systems. GenTek lead gunsmith, Lexxi,  gave a demonstration on some of the custom-built weapons they specialize showing off their destructive power along with technological achievements such as precision and distance. The corporation has several divisions with experts in each to produce the variety of goods they sell. The weapons themselves are built at a secure secret facility at another location in the Galaxy, but GenTek will meet with clients on Tatooine.

The Corporation already has several contracts with different factions throughout the galaxy and will as a neutral entity will work with any faction or individual, catering to their specific needs. For now they have contracts, with Hutt and black Sun factions as well as a contract with the Twin Sun Rogues to provide security in and around Mos Eisley.

A tank vaporized by one of GenTek’s advanced weapons.

In addition to their main business interests, GenTek will also be opening their recent palace acquisition to the public as an entertainment hotspot. Already set up to make their clients comfortable and provide services for them, the palace has been renovated and expanded.  They will also provide shows and other entertainment such as galactic famous dancers for everyone. In addition they are looking into providing other forms of entertainment such as swoop races and other tournaments.

If one is in need of weapons no matter the quantity or quality, looking for entertainment, or for employment, visit or contact GenTek, the famous palace they are in is hard to miss in the desert outside Mos Eisley.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira