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Damages in Marlev 4

January 2, 2013

Galactic News Reporters went in the planet Marlev 4 and discussed with the Sith

Sith Citadel of Marlev 4

Marlev 4 main city and its Sith citadels were the targets of an unclaimed attack and is rebuilding the damage. The rebuild process was trusted to Lady Teninista and her droids. So far the Sith investigations have not determined the attackers, but it’s believed local Irrukiine were involved, some have been seen in the city about the time of the attack. They believe unlikely the Jedi were the attackers; even if some Jedi happened to challenge the Sith in the past, none have been spotted in the city since a long time.

The Order of the Dark Sith Lords (ODSL), holding the planet have also built a network of several hidden bases across the Galaxy, including, they say, in their former holdout of Onderon. This bases are used by their operatives, but the order don’t want to build an Empire competing with the existing ones. The order itself remain neutral with them.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide