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Creatures and Business at Hutt Night

January 3, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Hutt Night on Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa: Once again the Hutt Council on Nar Shaddaa held their periodic public audience whereby anyone in the Galaxy could come to speak to the Hutts. Shaka the Hutt presided over this event on behalf of the Hutt Council and was joined by Vakeva the Hutt and Ge’ta the huttling. Shaka’s majordomo Sinya hosted the event while the battledroid known as Jeeves and Admiral Abyssus of the Revenant Armada provided security.

Axion messenger impatiently speaking to the Hutts.

Before being called an impatient messenger of the Axion Empire named Bawndai Starseeker came before the Hutts requesting a private meeting int he future with the Hutts to talk about business on behalf of the Axion. Irritated that man would come forward without being called, the Hutts demanded a gift from the messenger who stated that slaves would be offered to them once they came for the meeting. The Hutts disagreed and stated they would only think about business if the messenger brought prized slaves to them. Bawndai agreed and stated he would bring the most beautiful slaves for the council.

Jay speaking with the Hutts.

Next to come before the Hutts, using proper procedure was former Nar Shaddaa security chief Jay. Jay stated that he had investigated the numerous Sith spawn that have recently attacked Nar Shaddaa over the past few weeks and has been able to identify a lab where he believed they were being created. He requested a security force from the Hutts and stated that he would pay each mercenary 5000 credits for the head of each person responsible for the creations. He also stated that Vakeva the Hutt had also been dealing with this lab which resulted in an argument among the Hutts. The argument ended with Vakeva agreeing to match Jay’s bounty, bringing the prize up to 10,000 credits per head of those responsible for the creatures. Jay plans to organize the mercenaries as soon as possible to exterminate the lab.

Cross introducing his new cantina the “Blade and Bottle”.

Following this tense situation a Nar Shaddaa business owner came before the Hutts but the name of Cross who owns a cantina in the upper level, the “Blade and Bottle.” He brought a bottle of some his highest quality drink for the Hutts, who were pleased and stated they wished him luck and would stop by.

X-Play representatives announcing upcoming events.

Up next was an X-Play representative, Lorelei who announced some upcoming events being hosted by this entertainment company. First the “Bringing Sexy Back” fashion show will be held soon at Baby Girl’s ((Thursday, January 3 at 8 PM SL time)). So far 8 contestants will be involved and judged by 3 guest judges and the audience.

The next Galactic Swoop Cup will be held on Mustafar ((Saturday Jan. 5 at 11:00 AM and 8 PM)). This will be followed by the race on Hoth ((Saturday Jan 12)) and then the final race for the top 4 racers ((on Jan. 19)).

Chiss investigator seeking information about stolen artifacts.

An investigator from the Chiss Ascendancy was next up and talked to the Hutts about the recent robberies of artifacts. Inspector Tenat’huk’iracitec of the Naporar Security stated that some suspect that these artifacts were stolen by the same gang that may have been involved in other robberies such as the one that occurred on Velmor. The Inspector was hoping the Hutts would give her information in case the artifacts showed up on Nar Shaddaa. Following her discussion with the Hutts, the audience gave her other leads to check on.

Ootec the Jawa conducting business with the Hutts.

Last to come before the Hutts was Ootec the Jawa who has opened a trading post in the lower levels near Baby Girl’s. He offered to trade with the Hutts and offered his services saying he was a fixer as well. The Hutts agreed to do business with him and seemed pleased of his gift of a substance to smoke.

Escape creature causing havoc.

Once the guests were finished, the creature in the pit below who was restless during the whole event, finally was able to break through the grating and begun attacking the spectators on the casino floor. The scorpion like creature caused damage before finally being put down by security. How it escaped and whether this will put an end to the Hutts habit of keeping dangerous creatures in the casino is unknown at this time.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira