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Bringing Sexy Back in Nar Shaddaa

January 4, 2013

A local correspondant attended to the Bringing Sexy Back event in Nar Shaddaa.

The contestants. More Images

It was a packed house at Baby Girl’s club in Lower Nar Shaddaa for the Bringing Sexy Back Fashion Show sponsored by X Play.

People traveled from all over the Galaxy to watch the six contestants take the stage and show there fashion styles in the following three catagories… Casual, Swimwear and Formal. The contestants ranged from Human to Twi’lek to a cyborg. The well known competed with the unknown, and in the end a panel of X Play judges and an audience participation vote found the winner, Envy, runner up Minx Bade and 1st runner up Molokai Sharkfin. Envy won the title of Sexiest of the Galaxy, the tiara, a huge cash prize and a modeling contract with X Play entertainment group to appear in future posters to be seen around the Galaxy.