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New Alderaan Celebrates Life Day.

January 5, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to New Alderaan where they were able to speak to the leadership.

New Alderaan is celebrating their version of Life Day, based on the Wookie holiday of remembrance, over a two day festival period. New Alderaan itself recognizes the holiday to remember those lost when Alderran was destroyed in the Galactic Civil war by Palpatine’s Empire. They also look to a bright future for those that were off planet and were able to colonize New Alderaan.

Several of the local leaders were in attendance including Nallok Tualin, the parliamentarian, Master Jedi Nexx, President Sterling Horm and Queen Organa. The festivities were started off by Master Nexx near a large decorated Life Day tree. She was then followed by the President and then the Queen. All gave speeches commemorating the new resolve of New Alderaan as well as remembering the old and those ancestors that fought for freedom in the galaxy. They all look for a bright future fore New Alderaan.

New Alderaan celebration

As for the system itself, its enjoying a relative period of peace, though there are some problems with pirates in the area who are preying on the shipments of medical and building supplies. The leadership is optimistic though that they will be dealt with soon. New Alderaan has to import much of its supplies as the planet itself is kept in ecological balance. For the most part the economy is controlled by a single trading cooperation, but it seems they work in conjunction with the local government. The government itself is made up of noble houses who elect senators to a parliament and leaders to a council. The council in turn elects a Queen though the position is chosen from a different house each time. Finally the people elect a president to work with the other leaders.

As New Alderaan opens itself up more to the galaxy and trade, more of their customs and ways will be better known. For now they invite all to come take part of the festivities occurring during Life Day which includes a large fishing tournament being held rewarded by the queen ((Saturday 5 PM SL time)).

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira