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Hot races in Mustafar

January 6, 2013

Galactic News Network covered to the Swoop Rance of Mustafar

The track overview

Multiplying the environments, the Galactic Swoop Cup took place on the volcanic worlds of Mustafar. The Races were sponsored by X Play and GNN. With the support of Issulla the Hutt, the track was drawn zigzagging across the fields of lava and through the tunnels, between the active volcanoes.

After a warming up, the first race started

The first race

  1. Nora Saria
  2. Jupe Lars
  3. Rakiko Lowtide

The starting line

Few hours later, the second race showed new entrants racing up with the following outcome:

  1. Lieutenant Shala
  2. Suinn Rhen
  3. Sil’oola

Here is now the ranking of the Galactic Swoop Cup, after Mustafar races.

  • 20pts: Nora Saria (+5)
  • 14pts: Jupe Lars (+3)
  • 10pts: Mag, Pip
  • 7pts: Rakiko Lowtide(+2)
  • 5pts: Shala (+5) La’a Waverider
  • 3pts: Chelsea Blauvelt, Ootec, Suinn Rhen (+3)
  • 2pts: Veeda Aya, Veruca, Sil’oola

The next race will take place in a totally different climate: the snows of the planet Hoth. Stay tuned.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide