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Ancient Jedi Temple Uncovered on Ilum

January 12, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide accompanied Lady Kia to tour a recently excavated Jedi temple on Ilum.

The tower

Lady Kia, a lead Nightsister on Dathomir, was contacted by her mining operations on Illum. The administrator had contacted her to inform that they had surveyed an area where known ruins were and were able to excavate one of the large buildings. Lady Kia then asked GNN to accompany her on a tour of the area.

Landing near the site, one could see are large building jutting out of the Illum ice and snow into the sky above. Getting closer, it became apparent this was no ordinary ruin, the building was massive. The building itself seemed to be made of the surrounding material, stone and ice specifically. However, there were several large crystals around the building, which Lady Kia asserted weren’t from Ilum and were strong in the force. She believed the area to be a force nexus and that the crystals themselves were very powerful.

The entrance hall

Lady Kia explained that the region has been visited by Jedi since ancient times. Numerous temple had been built on the site, but its believed that the Jedi that built this tower did so during the time of the Old Republic. Exploring the structure did showcase Jedi architecture from their spartan rooms to large meditation circles. Interestingly there was a rather well preserved archive room where Lady Kia herself found old manuscripts telling of the story of the nightsister known as Silri during the great Galactic War. There’s a plan in place to copy all the archives, but for now the originals well stay where they are.

The tower itself stood over 200 meters and there was an observation deck on the top where one could see miles of Ilum. For now Lady Kia will have the area categorized and studied, but stated that Jedi were freely welcome to come to come to Ilum as per their long standing contract with the system. They may even be allowed to utilize the building but she reminded they were not to interfere with the mining operations under Wing.

View of Ilum from the top

Further study and excavations are planned to uncover all the secrets that the area may hold, especially to how an extremely large crystal is being powered as it hovers above the top point of the structure. Those around the galaxy that are well versed in such topics are welcome to help with the studies and are encouraged to contact Lady Kia.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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