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Artifact Negotiations

January 17, 2013

Reporter of the Galactic News attended to he Hutt Night in Nar Shaddaa

In the Black Hole Casino in Nar Shaddaa, The Hutt night was monopolised by the Royal Sceptre of Velmor. This item was proposed for sale at the the previous Hutt Council by the droid ST-3P0 who represented the Captain Starwind. Shaka the Hutt refused to buy it then, waiting Velmor authorities claim the items to confirm its authenticity. He decided to keep both the droid and the sceptre meanwhile.

Tiffany Vandergraff (front) and Cross (back right)

During this Night, Tiffany Vandergraff-Lavois came on behalf of the Queen of Velmor and the Den Velmor museum. She asked the return of the sceptre, as well as a seal evoked by Shaka, and proposed a compensation to the Hutt. They were stolen during the museum raid. She confirmed the sceptre was used for special occasions, but denied it bestowed the throne of Velmor. Even if the scpeter had a significant value in the old times, the lineage was now supported by official registers and not the holding of a specific item.

Meanwhile, Cross, the barkeeper of the “Blade and Bottle”, revealed he had valued information on the current matter. The Hutt Night interrupted and everybody meet in a more discret side room. A reporter of Galactic News followed them.

The negotiation

In this meeting, Tiffany Vandergraff proposed credit and favour for the return of the items. Cross and his team told they knew enough to get the other items for the Hutt or lead to the arrest of the criminals and gain a greater profit from Velmor. ST-3P0 requested what would be for its master in such deal. Shaka claimed he was a collector, not a trafficker. As the possibility multiuplied the different intervenant figured they needed to talk directly in smaller meetings or with tier parties. The discussion ended for this Night.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide