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Galactic Swoop Cup Finale Goes to Kohlma

January 17, 2013

GNN Reporter Rakiko Lowtide spoke with representatives of X Play about the finale to the Galactic Swoop Race.

After several races, ranging from Tatooine to Hoth, the Galactic Swoop Cup is coming to an end with final events on Kohlma. The event will be held in a few days (Saturday 1/19/13 at 9:00 AM SL time) and all are welcome. Once again the event has been organized by X Play and along with the sponsorship of the GNN both will host this finale.

Final race to be held on Kohlma.

Three events are planned for the finale. First a grudge match is to be held between Minx Bade and Nora Saria, both of which have been the top racers in the Galaxy so far, though Minx didn’t race for this cup do to her job helping to organize it. Following this match, a race for those that participated but didn’t make the top four will be held. The winner of this event will be given a new Lambda Shuttle.

Lastly, the main event between the top four finishers of the previous races will be held. Nora Saria, Jupe Lars, Mag, and Rakiko Lowtide will pilot their swoops to win the coveted Galactic Cup and a substantial financial award. Bookies and Gamblers from around the galaxy are already starting to take and make bets as odd are being adjusted as the race comes closer.

On a final note, Kaelinn X the founder of X Play will make a special announcement at the race that by her words should thrill the fans. Racers are also encouraged to come to the track, which is now open, early to practice. GNN looks forward to seeing all the fans there.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira