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Galactic Swoop Cup Finale in Kohlma

January 20, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide participated and helped host the last races of the Galactic Swoop Race.

Kohlma, home to the Galactic Swoop race finale.

Kohlma in the Sith Space was home to the final races of the Galactic Swoop Cup that has been taking place over the course of the past several weeks on worlds ranging from Hoth to Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa. X Play, the entertainment company based out of Nar Shaddaa, in conjunction with GNN organized and hosted the races, which saw the best pilots in the galaxy compete.

Racers take to the track in the last race of the day.

The finale was made up of three races. A special grudge match between Minx Bade and Nora Saria was held as the opening, followed by a race between competitors who did not finish in the top four. The last race was the main event between the four top finishes, who had received points from the prior races of the cup.

Nora and Minx take to the track to compete in a special grudge race.

Noria Saria, who was also the favorite to win the main event bested Minx on this particular track, edging out her first win of the evening.

A second race open to the audience was won by Khammat who received a brand new lambda shuttle.

The main event itself was made up of Nora Saria, Mag, Jupe Lars, and Rakiko Lowtide. Betting was heavy on the event as credits were exchanging hands at a furious rate. The racers had to complete 8 laps through the extremely fast track where quick reflexes were needed to navigate the great number of tight turns. At the end, Nora Saria won her second race of the day, followed by Mag in second and Jupe Lars in third. GNN congratulates all the racers.

Finalists of the Galactic Swoop Cup; Nora (left), Mag (center), Jupe Lars (right).

During the event Kaelinn X of X Play made a special announcement. Reminding every one of the Pod races that used to occur on Mos Espa, Tatooine, she announced that they were once again going to be held on a weekly basis on Bengat now. So for those that haven’t gotten their fill of racing, they now have something to look forward to as the roar of the pod racers take to the track instead of the personal hum of the swoops. GNN hopes to see everyone at the races.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira