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CIS Meetings Resume on Zonama Sekot

January 21, 2013

GNN reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) which took place on Zonama Sekot.

“Zonama Sekot was host once again to the periodic meetings of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The presidency rotate and host through each of the member of the worlds. It seems the CIS was on hiatus during the time it was to meet on Nar Shaddaa no doubt to the Life Day celebrations taking place throughout the Galaxy.

The CIS meets once again on Zonama Sekot.

But the trade organization was back to business. Zonama Sekot’s Magister Salene Lusch and Potentium Master Flint Mokeev hosted the other members with the backdrop of the heavy jungles in the background. Also in attendance were Lady Kia of Dathomir, a representative for Issulla the Hutt of Mustafar, Wing of Ilum and Gistya Antilles of the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC).

The meeting started out by summarizing what had been talked about in the last gatherings. Representatives from Malrev IV had been invited but were unable to attend at this time. However, from the speeches of the other members it seems that the concerns about the leaders of Malrev being part of the Galactic Empire have been put to rest and its clear for the world to join as a meeting. By the CIS constitution a member world can’t be part of another Galactic Faction.

Next there was still talks about transferring a security contract from the Revenant Armada to Mandalorians, though the idea was split amongst the members, some such as Wing wanting to contract with the Mandalorians over possible concerns of the Revenant’s activities in the Hapes cluster, especially claims of a genocide. However, other member such as Master Mokeev pointed out that his past dealings with Mandalorians, notably a clan that he stated attempted to extort a vote from members, inclined him to believe they weren’t peaceful either and would pull the CIS into unwanted conflicts. In the end it was agreed that the Ha’rangir leader needs to come to a meeting to try to pitch his clan’s employment again before a vote can take place. In the meantime both the Revenant and the Mandalorians have been hired by individual members for local security with the Revenant still protecting the shipping lanes. So far, not major threat on the commerce was noted.

On a final note, Gistya Antilles stated that some new technologies should be ready for demonstration at the next meeting including a new datanet being set up for CIS use. The next meeting will once again be hosted by Zonama Sekot.

— Rakiko Lowtide