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Interview with Pirate, Sharizar Stormfrost

January 23, 2013

GNN reporters, Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide, were able to visit recently arrested Captain Sharizar Stormfrost on Yavin IV.

Yavin IV: Following the attempted robbery of the Jedi archives, Captain Sharizar Stormfrost and a crew member were taken into custody. They are currently residing in prison on Yavin IV as the Jedi prepare a case against her. She’s also to be charged with the museum heist that took place on Velmor a few weeks ago where an employee was killed. Extradition filings and talks are still proceeding over the later matter.

Captain Stormfrost being held in a Yavin IV cell.

Captain Sharizar Stormfrost a self-professed pirate makes no attempts to hide the fact that she was trying to rob the archives of its relics, though she hasn’t formally confessed to authorities who have scheduled her trial for the upcoming weekend. It seems her only regrets in the matter is that she was caught but isn’t too worried about the what will happen to her. Her life has been devoted to the piracy, having taken on the profession after she was captured as a youngling by raiding soldiers. Once she was able to free herself from bondage she jumped headfirst into the profession.

The Captain also confirmed that it was her helping lead the raid on the Velmor museum, pointing out she was the one wearing mandalorian armour on the holo-cam footage. Because of the death of an employee the charges on that planet are much more serious and may lead to the Captain being put to death and unlike the upcoming trial on Yavin IV the Captain really sees no way of defending herself since the Velmorean Queen is out for revenge.

For now she hasn’t given any information on the whereabouts of the stolen Velmorean goods or the names of any other accomplices.In fact she has no plans to ever rat out her crew she did state the former Senator, Sapphire Tafo helped them in Velmorean heist, making the whole operation run more smoothly.

GNN will cover the first trial of Captain Stormfrost in the upcoming days.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira