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NOJ Recieves Guest Lecturer and Other Visitors

January 27, 2013

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtice traveled to the Jedi world of Chandrila.

The mysterious landscape of Chandrila

Chandrila: The NOJ had a special guest, Jedi Master Kei’Rebu of Rori. After ending his seclusion on Rori he’s returned to the Galaxy to spread what he’s learned to the other Jedi orders. The NOJ was the first to speak with him, but he’s attempting to contact the other orders as well. His recent return was sparked by so many systems leaving the Republic and the disbandment of several orders he had been familiar with.

Master Kei’Rebu (right) with NOJ padawan Cal (left) and other visitors (back).

On Chandrila he gave a lecture to a large crowd, a possible first of many. This one covered what it meant to be a Jedi, the Jedi code and how its applied, and the different paths a Jedi may take and the meaning of each. As stated several were in attendance including younglings who were looking to study with an order. Some expressed an interest in the NOJ now. Kei’Rebu hopes that these talks will help unite Jedi thought or at least give them something ponder. He would like to see the orders strengthened and even more so if their bonds became strong with the possible movement to one unified Jedi order. But most importantly he just wants the Jedi to understand one another no matter what order they are from or if they even belong to one.

GAR patrol on Chandrila.

The NOJ invite him to speak as part of their new movement to become more active. A NOJ padawan named Cal said that things have been quiet, but that the NOJ has been busy strengthening their position on Chandrila. Being led by Jedi Master Evelyn Syaka and Master Fhang they’ve been excavating several of the ruins in the area to find the secrets they hold as well as to restore them to use as a base. Though the NOJ is still small it seems to be growing especially from the number of younglings we saw in the area interested to study the force.

Finally Chandrila seems to be included in the patrols of the GAR. Overall their visit seemed to intrigue the locals, but they seemed on friendly terms, so such patrols will probably continue.

This most recent lecture on Chandrila was open to any who wished to attend and if future ones are held they should continue with the same format.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira