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Sith Emperor Speaks About Lord Atrox and Velmor

February 4, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide were able to ask questions about Darth Atrox at the latest Imperial Audience on Byss.

Follow an audience of Sith Imperial officials on Byss, the Emperor opened up the floor to public inquiry.  As the explosion on Velmor following the trial of Captain Sharizar Stormfrost is still fresh in a lot of peoples minds, questions about the role that Darth Atrox played were asked of the Emperor and those in attendance.

Throne Room

First Lord Destius said that Velmor is treated as a non-hostile neutral entity and their relationship with them is pleasant, businesslike and based on trade. As for Lord Atrox acting as Prosecutor for the above stated case, Destius pointed out that members of the Sith Empire are very diplomatic and Atrox’s dealings between Velmor and himself was between those two parties. He also pointed out that Atrox is extremely qualified to conduct such duties.

Darth Destius also said that Atrox and the Sith Empire did have an interest in the outcome of the trial since Captain Stormfrost is a citizen of the Empire. However the emperor stated that even though there was an interest there was no command by him or the Imperial Council to Atrox on the matter and Atrox was acting on his own accord but as respected Imperial citizen he does represent the Empire and they are happy to be a patron of his.

As for any Imperial actions now, Destius said that he was confident that Lord Atrox could handle the situation himself and there was no direct action to be had by the Empire other than for the Ministry of Justice to oversee the case like they do thousands of others around the Galaxy. Sar’Rai also added that Atrox was providing a public service and he should be applauded and not complained about.

As for the explosion those in attendance knew nothing about it other than Lord Atrox had been injured. Imperial investigators will do their job since one of the citizens was injured but no press releases are to be had for now on the matter. GNN will keep abreast of the story as it unfolds.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira