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Lord Atrox endorses Escape in Velmor

February 5, 2013

A reporter of Galactic News interviewed Lord Atrox in Byss.

Byss: Lord Atrox explained his role in the trial in Velmor and why he helped the escape of Sharizar Stormfrost. The Sith assure he’s “well versed in galactic legal proceedings” and his involvement was “in the interest of justice.” Although he claims the Galaxy lives in a state of lawlessness outside of Byss and the Sith Empire. Only they have still the power to reach wanted criminals across the Galaxy.

Lord Atrox

He helped the escape of Sharizar Stormfrost, citizen of the Empire, by professing falsely he wanted to replace the prosecutor then triggering an explosive. He justifies his gesture “because the Empire does not forsake her citizens when they are subjected to the travesties of justice such as the trial on Velmor or Yavin.” Also, the lack of reaction, as he expected, would prove his claims of a lack of reliable law enforcement in the Galaxy, out of the Empire.

Sharizar Stormfrost having committed no crime against the Empire wouldn’t have to be prosecuted, especially not by the Jedi laws and the likes. She had just exploited a Jedi weakness. He said “citizens of the Empire are above the despotism of foreign law”, and the Sith are accountable only to the Emperor. His actions will also show the Empire is still concerned by the Galactic business, despite what some have claimed.

— Daana Kira

  1. Sihivus Verne
    February 5, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    ”Verne is starting to think the galaxy has nothing less to speak of. A shame, too, as one trivial pirate hardly matters in the long haul of things.”

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