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Irina High Mother in Dathomir after a Coup

February 10, 2013

Reporters of Galactic news discussed with resident of Dathomir, including High Mother Irina herself after her seizure of power.

Irina, a former Sith and Night sister landed in Dathomir and challenged the High Mother Lady Kia to get her position. Irina is a former member of the Obsidian Dominion, and was a Sith apprentice of Nev’la. Nev’la converted to the Jedi but Irina managed to return her to her old way, altering her mind.

Irina and Nev’la arrival in Dathomir

Arrived aggressively on Dathomir, they met Lady Kia alone in her studies the mountain. Lady Kia would have first attacked Nev’la, but Irina rescued her. At the end, joining their forces, they locked her in the caves and collapsed the mountain over her.

Irina also confessed she was behind the triple murder of the Baby Girl’s club in Nar Shaddaa. The purpose for Irina was to “get (her) point across to Lady Kia that (she) was not to be underestimated.” She also said having destroyed Dantooine’s Jedi Temple. We still have to check the extent of the damages.

New High Mother Irina

Now Irina claims the High Mother title, a rank she won though victory. She’s followed by he nightbrothers and wants to employ them as surveying the land and the Rancors creatures. She wants to train the nightsister to combat to make the group stronger. She also wants to cause chaos in Dantooine, accusing them “to have caused torture over her life.” Now she wants to revenge, and would use her new position in Dathomir for this goal.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide