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Violence again in Baby Girl’s Weekly Dose

February 13, 2013

Local correspondant of Galactic News attended at the Weekly Dose event in Nar Shaddaa.

Hostilities going on

Once more violence broke out at Weekly Dose. Baby Girl’s club’s happy hour in Lower Nar Shaddaa. This time it was when a lone Sith agent attacked one of X Play’s security on the X Play’s home turf. A fierce battle ensued and suddenly an unknown party of Jedi jumped in. but not before Fay, working for X Play security was grieviously injured. The violence was witnessed by many onlookers at the club for Weekly Dose to perhaps exchange buisness, meet new people or just relax.

After the battle, the Sith seemed to lose intrest in the person he had just impailed. This lets late arriving X Play Security to extract her to the nearby Medical Facility. Her current condition is unknown. Despite the current string of violence that has plagued both X Play and Baby Girl’s club during Weekly Dose, the owner, Kaelinn X assures us “Everything is in control, and Weekly Dose will go on as planned weekly.”