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A New Rancor in Yavin 4

February 14, 2013

Reporters of Galactic News heart about another armoured Rancor going amok near the Jedi academy.

Yavin 4: Yet another aggressive armoured rancor was met in Yavin 4. Master Atlantis and lady Azh were walking in the forest, with Sapphire Tafo searching for a tree able to be used for building when the creature showed up. It attacked the group but the Jedi Atlantis and Azh joined their effort to repel it. It was finally pushed to the nearby river and killed when trying to get out. Master Atlantis was wounded during the fight, but there is no other reported casualties.

What mystery hides the forest?

This is the second time such an armoured creature is seen in a short time on the moon. The grand master Iria Tuquiri follows the situation. The Jedi have started to investigate where it come from and if other are here. An expedition in the forest is expected. Some people believe someone could be behind this attacks, but it’s too early to know their purpose.

Now the cantina cook picked up the corpse of the large creature and is preparing rare dishes with its body. Its fate is the one it certainly wanted for the walkers.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide