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Fight on Endor’s Moon

February 14, 2013

A reporter of Galactic News Network was sent in Endor after the report of a fight.

Prince Seraphinus

Endor’s Moon: A combat took place opposing the Prince Seraphinus on a side against Aeon Talon and Arterio Lycanthro from Endor. Seraphinus managed to cripple his opponent, although they were able to escape, Aeon in his ship and Arterio in the forest while this one was about to be bombarded. At least another unidentified Sith witnessed the event.

The Prince Seraphinus is a Sith disciple of Ragnos (DoR.) Aboard his cruiser, he was was tracking Aeon Talon, leader of the Robe of the Hand in the Galaxy and spotted him on the moon. Aeon was about to fight Arterio, but, according to Seraphinus, they quickly considered him as a greater thread and decided to joint their force to face him. That didn’t suffice and both were wounded and forced to flee.

Seraphinus and Aeon are bother of the Sith, but ennemies. They trained together but their visions diverged. Their antagonist looks strong, Seraphinus wants him death unless he joined him. He knew Arterio too and didn’t had anything against him, he just fought him because he sided with his enemy.

— Daana Kira