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Discussions on the Jedi Dominate Hutt Night

February 15, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest public audience on Nar Shaddaa given by the Hutt Council.

Morrigan answering questions about the Jedi

Since the activities from the prior weeks, between the Jedi on those on Nar Shaddaa, tensions have been strained between the Hutts and the Jedi. Currently there are Hutt reprisals in the Hapes cluster, seemingly resulting from these problems. News from that area of the Galaxy is not shared openly, but GNN will try to cover the area in future articles.As for Hutt Night several were in attendance, including Shaka via hologram with Vakeva, Gill, and Helsing the Hutts. Sinya acted as host for the night that had few attendees to talk about business. Most of the talk revolved around Hutt-Jedi relationships with announcements for upcoming events by X Play.

Lady Malice giving her opinion on a Jedi purge

The night started out with the Hutts and their advisors such as Sihivus Verne discussing with those in attendance what to do about the Jedi. Shaka the Hutt was curious to know if more action should be taken against the Jedi and was upset that the Jedi’s longstanding opposition against the Sith had cause the Hutts to lose business and profits. Several in attendance blamed all force users for the trouble such as Gill the Hutt who wanted immediate action against those that block the Hutts. Others pointed out it was just a few Jedi and that the Sith were worse for business. For this night it seemed everyone had an opinion on force users.

Sapphire Tafo offering her information on the effects on Bogan rocks

Morrigan, queen of Bengat and longstanding ally of the Hutts came forward to answer questions about Jedi-Sith relations with the Hutts. Here conclusions were that the Jedi were bad for business and couldn’t be trusted.

Darth Malice of the DLoTS was called forward to weigh in on the option of a Jedi purge. She recommended the Hutts should have a hands off approach now with the Jedi, since they would be ready for a purge now and a major conflict with them would cost the Hutts dearly in resources. The cost of a purge puts a damper on this idea.

Finally Sapphire Tafo, former Senator of Tython stated she had come across those on Tython that used stones from the moon Bogan to ward off Jedi. Bogan is symbolising the Dark Side of the Force and it is said it would take the Jedi away. This led to a discussion of various creatures and technologies used for the same and the Hutts were very interested in Miss Tafo’s idea and would talk to her about mining on the Tython moon.

X Play making entertainment announcements

Between the talks about what to do about the Jedi, X Play was able to make a few announcements. First they said the latest treasure, the Mark of the Hero, had been found by a man named Greed and placed in safe storage by Velmorean authorities. Now Baby Girl and the rest of X Play was sponsoring a search for the Spring Tiara of Queen Amadala Skywalker. For those interested they can get more information at Baby Girl’s.

Finally X Play is also preparing the pod races on Bengat, but Baby Girl stated that these week’s races may have to be postponed because oOtec the Jawa who is supplying much of the technology for the race is missing. Once he returns the races will take place ((each Thursday)). Hopefully he will be found soon enough for this weeks races to go ahead. X Play also reminded that there will be a Deathpod race where the racers will face even more life-threatening challenges.

With that Hutt Night came to a close. With so many weighing in on Jedi-Hutt relations only time will tell if their differences heal or the wounds open up more.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira