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Taris undercity prospers

February 15, 2013

A reporter of Galactic News visited the undercity of Taris with an official.

Shop in the undercity

The undercity of Taris is developing, taking advantage of an appeased situation. New shops and establishments opened, such as a Jawa shop, a swoop maker, a slaver guildhall and even the new home of the Club 66 cantina. Jaxx Romanov, official of the undercity, attributes this improvement to the presence of the Bounty Hunter Guild. Their activity would be a deterrent to some criminal activity.

Even if large parts of the undercity flourish, some area remain apart. A waste ground, apart of the urbanised district is subject to many rumours. Several people having ventured there did not come back. It is said nightsisters were seen here, especially after the last events in Dathomir. People also talk about spiders. Not much is certain however.

— Daana Kira