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CIS Meeting Sees the Return of Lady Kia

February 18, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest CIS meeting on Dathomir. High Mother Kia was assumed dead after her duel with High Mother Irina. Kia’s body was never found. Actually she was still alive and returned to ousted Irina during the Confederacy of Independent System meeting.

CIS meeting begins on Dathomir.

Dathomir: As the leadership rotation fell on the Nightsister planet,  Lady Irina who had declared herself High Mother presided over the meeting. Also in attendance were Magister Salene Lusch and Master Flint Mokeev of Zonama Sekot and Giysta Antilles of the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC). The meeting began with Lady Irina stating that Dathomir’s business with the CIS would continue as normal even though leadership had changed hands. She said the war she’s leading against Dantooine will have no affect on the trading route, although Magister Lusch objected wars always have incidence

While giving her speech on the death of Lady Kia a mysterious figure covered in a hood quickly made her way into the meeting room and to Lady Irina where she stated she had a message for the High Mother. And just as quickly the lady pulled out a sword, stabbing Irinia in the stomach and revealing herself as Kia who was quite alive.

With with a serious wound in her, Lady Irina darted from her position in agony but made her way out the door with those in attendance watching in awe. Lady Kia then slowly calmed herself, called for business to resume and order the nightsister and nightbrother security to apprehend the fleeing Irina.

Lady Kia back on Dathomir.

Lady Kia explained to the stunned onlookers that Irina had every right to challenge her has High Mother, what she had no right to do was accept help in the challenge, which she did from the possessed Nev’la and another Jedi. The had collapsed a portion of mountain where Lady Kia’s quarters were, but the area had enough secret escapes, Lady Kia was able to get out. She then bid her time to make herself known.

With that explanation, Lady Kia declared that Irina’s war planned with Dantooine was  ended and that she was once in control of Dathomir and its forces. She then moved that the CIS meeting should be moved to the following week which the others agreed to. Magister Lusch proposed the next meeting cancel the defence contract with the Revenant Aramada was cancelled, both because the threat level lowered and because actions taken by the Armada in the Hapes cluster. The representative agreed to look into the matter and the meeting is postponed for a week, Lady Antilles will also investigate on the situation.

As to the whereabouts and condition of Lady Irina, its unknown at this time beside she left Dathomir space

For this occasion, the nightsisters exceptionally decided to open their ancient village in the mountain for half a dozen of days. Travellers will be able to visit it unharmed.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira