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Creation of the Jewel Hutt Council

February 22, 2013

Reporters of Galactic News Network were invited in Fa’Nemro the Hutt’s palace on the moon of Endor.

Fa’Nemro the Hutt (right)

Endor’s Moon: In his new palace, Fa’Nemro the Hutt announced the creation of the Jewel Hutt Council. This council is intended to become a “physical social network of the most well known clan leaders.” It’s not meant, however to compete with the Hutt Clan Council and its open to the possibility to merge with them in the future. So far the Hutt Gilbar and Helsing are participating to the new organisation. While Fa’Nemro is caring application of new Hutt members, he also buildt a throne room where the Council will meet. The first meeting is scheduled before the Hutt Night and shouldn’t overlap.Fa’Nemro said he didn’t join the Hutt Clan Council because it was already a Huge organisation. According to him, a second council could improve the expansion of the Hutt Power in the Galaxy. The relation between them will be one of the topic of the meeting. The meeting is opened for the public, however discussion will be held by the council. At the end of each meeting the hutts will allow any quest
ions or concerns related to the topic.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide