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Acklay crashes party at Baby Girl’s club, Nar Shaddaa

February 23, 2013

Correspondent of Galactic news attended to the Swimwear party in Baby Girl’s.

It was a night’s swimwear party at Baby Girl’s club in lower Nar Shaddaa. The party was in full swing with with a crowded house when an unwelcome guest suddenly appeared, an Acklay wondered in off the streets and started trying to feast on party goers.

Acklay storming the club

A fight insued in the club while people fled, fought, or wondered what was in their drink. Gilbar the Hutt seemed to be the Acklay’s main target, perhaps because he was the biggest in the room. He managed to dodge the attacks while the beast became distracted by a mandalorian with a sword slashing at it’s legs. Soon another bystander jumped in and a platoon of GAR troopers who happened to be at the club entered the fray. The beast was finally put down with a single well placed blaster shot to the head.

Rumors of where the Acklay came from circled around the club, perhaps it was escaped from a private zoo or the infamous Black Hole casino down the street. When Baby Girl was asked, she had this to say “That certainly wasn’t on the nights planned events.” The monster was hauled off to somewhere by Nar Authorities, and the party resumedwith no further incedents. No one was seriously injured in the acklay attack, except the acklay of course.