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Arbitras Rexsus Deals with Changes on Endor

February 23, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowitde spoke with tribal monarch Arbitras Rexsus II on Endor.

The famous forested moon of Endor has seen much activity of late with several orders and factions building outposts there. One of the earlier settlers, Arbitras Rexsus who oversees the largest non-ewok tribe on Endor as a monarch gave his perception on the changes as well as updates on issues affecting his people.

King Rexsus in the mines on the Endor moon.

He stated that he believes they can work well with such groups as the Je’daii order, but Hutt and Death Watch activity on the moon recently are giving him concern. With the help of their Tetan allies, Rexsus believes the Death Watch issue has been resolved but now he’s focusing on the Hutts, believing their activities such as slavery, which is illegal on Endor, could affect the people of Endor. He hopes to speak with the Hutts soon on the matter and to make them aware of the laws of the forest moon.

Also keeping his people busy is the reopening of a cortosis mine and the upcoming trial of the Robe of the Hand’s order leader. The mines themselves will be worked on by droids and the ore used to trade with allies. Also the tunnels will house several facilities such as prison. Rexsus hopes the first guest of the prison will be the Robe Hand leader whose trial is being prepared for. They are accused for murdering the King’s wife and Rexsus hopes they will be brought to justice soon once they apprehend the leader.

Rexsus will be hosting a memorial for his wife on the moon soon ((Sunday afternoon)) and is inviting any supporter from around the galaxy to attend. For more information the King is open to inquiry.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira;

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