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Races in Bengat

February 23, 2013

A correspondant of Galactic News Network attended to the racing event of Bengat.

Pod Race line up

It was a beautiful sunny day in Bengat for the pod races. Imported from Mos Espa by Ootec the Jawa and X Play, the first day of the weekly event drew a huge crowd of specators and diverse racers. In a first ever, Gilbar the Hutt took to the pod racers and staps and competed in the races, but his body weight slowed him down a little and made it hard for him to place high in the races. The only near fatality is when he almost ran over Baby Girl, who was saved by her Personal assistant Envy.

STAP Race line up

As promised by the organiser Kaelinn X, the races offered new twists, such as reverse tracks, sudden death, and the STAP death races. The Queen of Bengat, Morrigan, was there to watch the events and commented “The sand is much more forgiving for crashes then the hard rock cliffs of Mos Espa.” There were a couple warm up races, and the the main event began, five races to determine the fasted pod racer. The prize was 1000 credits for first place offered up by X Play and and additional 1000 credits offered up by Helsing the Hutt and the Crime Syndicate of Taris.

Winner Prize Giving

The races were all intense, but Jay of Nar Shaddaa seemed to have a hold on the lead spot. Other notable racers were Rush of GAR, Qilu, a bartender from Baby Girl’s club and Gilbar the Hutt. A particular interesting death race happened between Gilbar the Hutt and Qilu the Twi’Lek, who won when Gilbar crashed into a building, but was not hurt. When it was over, Jay won first, collecting 2000 credits, followed by trooper Rush, and Qilu in third. A great time was had by all and the pod races are schedualed to take place weekly ((Thursday at 7pm)) on the lush, sandy beaches of Bengat.