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Talks on Contract Changes and Missing Persons at the CIS Meeting

February 25, 2013

Reporters of the Galactic News Network attended to the meeting of the CIS in Dathomir.

The Meeting

A meeting of the Confederacy of Independent Systems CIS) took place in the new city Aurillia in Dathomir. As raised at the last meeting, the magister of Zonama Sekot, challenged the contact between the CIS and the Revenant Armada. She said her world lost any trust on the Armada after they bombarded a city in the Hapes cluster under their hold for an unrelated event in Nar Shaddaa. If they did it on Hapes, what would prevent they bomb any other city under their protection? On the other hand, Gistya Antilles from the Corellia Mining Corporation supported this bombardment wasn’t done under the CIS flag and they have not violated the agreement. Breaking such an contract a short while (2 months) after having been signed would jeopardize future contracts. Magister Lusch added that predating fleets which were the justification of the contract are not active anymore, also she had not seen any report of activity from the Revenant Armada.

This reasons and the loss of trust decided the people of Zonama Sekot to not welcome the Revenant Fleet, even hired by the confederacy, therefore stop paying for them. No decision was taken however, the speakers were more wanting to hear a more detailed report on Hapes’ events. A joint team from the CMC and Zonama Sekot should investigate on this matter. Lady Kia from Dathomir proposed some of her ship patrol over Zonama Sekot.

On another Topic, Lady Kia told her worry about the member world Ilum status due to the missing of Wing, the Black Sun, the miners and her mandalorian allies. Lady Kia offered a reward for any information. Some members reported the planet was now full of Jedi while others saw it deserted.

Also Lady Kia announced the opening party for the new city of Aurillia. Many merchant from across the Galaxy will be present at the event and she expect the CIS will find trade opportunities. Some of the attendees at the meeting confirmed they’ll come.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide