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Visit in the Ilum Jedi Enclave

February 26, 2013

A reporter of Galactic News meet Jedi from the Ilum Enclave


Ilum: A group of Jedi set up in the snowy planet Ilum and created an enclave (ILE) under the leadership of Master Auroras. According to Ariana Auroras, his wife, they heard about the discovery of an ancient Jedi temple and wanted to excavate it. The planet is famous for its high quality crystals, some of the Jedi already visited the planet before to get their own.

The planet was claimed by the Black Dawn, led by Wing, and represented in the Confederacy of Independent System (CIS). Although they have disappeared and the Jedi have not met them since their installation. Also, Lady Irina’s ship recently crashed on the planet when she escaped from Dathomir. Even if Jedi had inspected the ship, they had not found trace of survivors.

The Temple Hall

The planet is almost desert, but doesn’t lack of interest. Sith were seen roaming near the Jedi temple. One of them wanted to get into the Jedi archive, but the reason of the others are unknown, maybe they were just interested by the crystals.

The Jedi we met continue their peaceful activities and work at tying relationship with other Jedi organisation, recently with the New Order of the Jedi in Chandrilla. “They plan to do similar things to different enclaves on a regular basis.”

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide