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Business Deals End With a Violent Confrontation at Hutt Night

February 28, 2013

Reporters of the Galactic News Network attended in the Hutt Night in Nar Shaddaa

Several Hutt welcomed the guest in the Black Hole Casino in the undercity of Nar Shadaa, notably Gilbar, Shaka’s hologram or Helsing.

Mandalorians at the Hutt Night

The first speaker was Cander, which addressed both the Hutt and to the Mandalorians, telling he was representing the Mandalore when he said the mandalorians “who begs the assistance from hutts is not worth the armor they wear.” Watching the audiences is tolerated but not taking part in deals. He then departed without further details. The Hutt looked shirked by this declaration, as they already had a pain to cancel a former similar boycott and it didn’t address the case of mandalorians currently working for the them.

Troopers of the Grand Army

Then a squad from the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) introduced by the corporal Six-Eight greet the Hutt and offered them gifts. They wanted to extend the peace between the army and the Hutts and bypass the difficulties they had in the past. They “wish to change that for the better future and for business for all.” They said they didn’t automatically endorse the behavior of Jedi. In return of this good behaviours, they asked the neutrality of the Hutt in their territory and their protecting while facing enemies. They excluded the Revenant Armada from their enemies as they have shown neutrality these past years.

Gilbar the Hutt was interested by this condition and offered them to trade in Tatooine. Other Hutt answered positively to this offer.

The X Play crew

Gilba the Hutt also discussed the business relationship he was starting with the Baby Girl’s for his new “Lil Ryloth” establishment. He also announced the constant presence on his Tatooine syndicate to Nar Shaddaa and was in talk with Taris.

The next standing up on the stage was Envy, the personal assistance of Baby Girl’s. She recalled the race next day in Bengat sponsored by X-Play. She recalled some of the last race, especially Gilbar’s participation. The Hutt showed interest. Helsing and Shaka even risen the award.

Assault of the Disciples of Ragnos

The last speaker was Darth Sae’hal, leader of the disciples of Ragnos (DOR). He recalled Shaka the Hutt had Tekisui, a “Jedi Spy” in his custody and wanted to trade him. However Shaka already trust him to someone else. For some reason afterwards, Sae’hal ordered to the disciples he had with him the assassination of the Hutts suit. The hutt security and their allies were called to stop the attack which led to a battle in the casino. The Hutt were protected by a force shield and managed to escape. The Grand Army squad was facing the disciples but managed to evacuate in order, helping the civilians on the way along with the security. At the end, the disciples held the ground, with a few defenders wounded, but their target left unarmed.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

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