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Death races continue in Bengat

March 1, 2013

Correspondant reporter the race in the beaches of Bengat.

Pod Race lining up

Once more a large crowd gathered on the sandy beaches of Bengat for the pod and STAP death races, hosted by X Play entertainment group. The betting was fast a furious, and new racers mixed it up with returning champs like Jay and Mag of GAR. Helsing watched and tried a swoop, but left the racing for smaller figures. Once more after warm up races the main event was five races. Prize money was put up by X Play, Shaka the Hutt and Helsing the Hutt. The races where hosted by the “Bringing Sexy Back” fashion show winner, Envy who wore a bikini on the beautiful beach track of Bengat.

Strap death race chaos

The races were fast and furious. As pod racers raced along the sandy beach and skirted out over the water at death defying speeds. As Always, Baby Girl aka Kaelinn X was on hand to over see and direct the event. It all started with a two lap sudden death match. It was followed by a reverse course match, and then onto the popular STAP death race matches: last man standing on the personal gun ships.

The event concluded with a grueling 12 laps pod race. When the sand cleared the final results as presented by Envy and X Play were Jay in first to claim the huge cash prize, followed by Swoop Cup racer Mag, newcomer and Nar Shaddaa resident Lust, and finally Ketra who put up a grand fight and only lost to the more experienced racers. ((The pod and STAP death races take place every Thursday at 7pm slt on Bengat.))

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