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Dathomir to Host CIS Trade Parties

March 3, 2013

GNN Reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended a party on Dathomir, hosted by the Nightsisters on behalf of the CIS designed to encourage trade amongst the CIS members and others around the galaxy.

Dathomir: Upon arriving to Aurilla City, the air was filled with festivities as traders, freighter captains, and other members of commerce landed to attend a trade party hosted by Lady Kia. The nightsister clan Mother, held the event on behalf of the Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS) to not only promote trade between the member worlds but to open up CIS trade and ties to the rest of the galaxy.

Lady Kia oversees the market area as merchants begin to set up their goods.

Because of the success of this event with so many attending the event will actually take place periodically now. Individuals from across the galaxy ranger from leaders of powerful Hutt clans to humble freighter merchants came to engage in trade talks with CIS members, one another and to take in the events provided such as the dance entertainment in the cantinas to markets being set up in the square showcasing exotic items from around the Galaxy, such as the booth opened by Tishia Rinai of Zonama Sekot showcasing that world’s exotic fruit.

Lady Kia explained that they had not expected the massive turnout and the great number of trade offers being made, but was pleased to the success of the event. She stated that this was proof that “the Galaxy wants more than just war, more than jedi or sith fighting each other.” Furthermore about the event she explained “a door has opened (…) for all those out in the Galaxy to know there is a place to do business and to expect a warm welcome in the Galaxy.”

Guests were treated with entertainment at several of the establishments.

She was especially happy to see some of the powerful trade organizations and houses arriving, like the great Hutt clans. This was especially beneficial for Dathomir as they plan to engage in trade with the Hutts over Rancors and the possibility of holding a slave auctions on Dathomir. CIS trade has been good for Dathomir allowing them to rebuild cities like Aurilla. More cities are planned though on a smaller scale.

As the event drew to a close, several of the attendant such as Gilbar the Hutt congratulated Lady Kia on the success of the venture and thanked the Nightsisters for their hospitality. It looks this event will continue to be popular in the future especially if the Dathomirians can continue to supply entertainment and opportunities to their guests.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira