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Keldabe: An Insight into the Heart of Mandalorian Culture

March 7, 2013

Reporter of Galactic News visited the Mandalorian capital of Keldabe:

Keldabe, Capital on the planet Mandalore: It is a city that has stood the test of time spanning generations of Mandalorians. It originally began as a mere Fortress of Mandalorian ancestors, finding the dangers of the planet worthy enough to face daily.  It eventually grew into what we see today, becoming the center of Mandalorian culture.  The Mandalorians claim it has repelled everything from Imperial to the Yuuzhan Vong invasions, and is impenetrable.

City of Keldabe

A’denla Kad is the leader of this people, called the Mandalore. He invited this reporter to sit down with he and his fellow warriors for an interview in one of the oldest buildings in the city, the “Oyu’baat” cantina, to discuss the future of the city, and the recent activities of the Mandalorians in the Galaxy. The Mandalore expressed his intent of expanding the city and allowing it to grow as his predecessors did before him, to improve upon the quality of life for its citizens.

Ravenor Ward, Xera D’Ukal, and Mandalore A’denla Kad

The mandalore A’denla Kad was asked about rumors circulating that his recent deal between the Mandalorians and the Sith Empire had failed, and that the Mandalore would not conduct business with the Jedi either. Mandalore claimed the rumor was preposterous, and was unsure about where a basis for such a rumor could be found. He stated that the deal had been settled and now ongoing shipments of Mandalorian weaponry to be fitted to the Empire’s ships were delivered weekly. This reporter contacted the office of Emperor Destius, who confirmed the Mandalore’s claims.

As for the Jedi, he said Jedi Master Hoggil Torok approached him in the Keldabe Fortress to request setting up a private praxeum with no more than five students. The Mandalore agreed to the request, providing that the Jedi teach Mandalorian children to best Force Users in battle. The Mandalore wishes to communicate to the Galaxy that if anyone wishes to conduct business with the Mandalorians that will benefit his clans, he will be glad to review all proposals with his Chieftains in the Keldabe Fortress. The Mandalorians will not discriminate on whom they do business with so long as it is for the betterment of their own people.

“The income we receive from trade with the Sith has allowed clans to bolster their production of their own weapons and armor, being able to equip more warriors with better weaponry, and jedi we’ve allowed here can help prepare our children to fight Sith or Jedi when the time comes and know how, rather than be forced to learn through trial by fire.” 

Mandalore A’denla Kad

It also seems that several individuals are claiming the Mandalorians are boycotting all dealings with the Hutts. When asked for details of this, the Mandalore clarified that the Mandalorians were not at all boycotting the Hutts. Mandalore sent two of his warriors to proclaim that the Mandalorian culture would not be subject to begging the Hutts for assistance. He said the Mandalorians as a culture believe in hard work and earning their way, and that begging for help was unbecoming of a warrior. If the Hutts wished to strike a fair business deal, the Mandalore said he would review it as any other, so long as the Mandalorians would not be indebted to them.

This reporter also interviewed other Mandalorians who were in one of the cantina.

Mirshe Sol’yic of Clan Socarras, and his wife, Shev’la Kal of Socarras

One of which was Mirshe Sol’yic of Clan Socarras, and his wife, Shev’la Kal of Socarras. Mirshe Sol’yic had only just the day before taken back his position of “Alor” or Chieftain of Clan Socarras after a personal leave of absence. He had placed his second in charge of the Clan while he was away, but said his second much preferred the medical field to that of leadership, so the Clan was released quite eagerly back into Mirshe’s authority.

Keldabe Market and Battle Circle

The couple was asked their opinion on their Mandalore and the quality of the job he has done so far in leading the Mandalorian people. The question was asked largely due to criticism often delivered through the press in comments via the articles. The couple, as well as other Mandalorian patrons present, seem to have a very strong reaction to such a question. Shev’la Kal is of the opinion that the Mandalore has lead them with nothing but honor. Arman T’ad stated that anyone who criticizes the Mandalore is lax in the areas of reasoning and discipline. Another patron, whose name is unknown, stated that it was no business of the rest of the Galaxy what is thought of the Mandalore. He later revealed himself to be a member of the Goran clan. Some members of this clan have been Mandalore A’denla’s strongest public critics.

Mirshe had this to say about such acts of criticism through the media:

MandalMotors Hall

“There have been those who use the media as a way to criticize Mand’alor, and in my honest opinion, anyone who dares wear the armor while doing so is not worthy of calling themselves a Mandalorian”

Mirshe Sol’yic of Clan Socarras

Inside the Keldabe Fortress

At the conclusion of the interview this reporter explored the city at length. There is a marketplace where one can buy food and many other items. The legendary MandalMotors Hall where one can pay homage to the recent Mandalore’s of the era, as well as Mandalore the Ultimate and Fenn Shysa. The city begins at the lowest level of terrain and ascends imposingly to strike fear into the hearts of its visitors. The Fortress is at the highest rise in the city, and it is there the Mandalore and his Chieftains gather.

— Xera D’Ukal, GNN Reporting

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