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Bengat Pod Races Get Deadly

March 9, 2013

Galactic News Correspondant watched the races in Bengat

Once more the Bengat Pod and STAP races heated up the sands. With so much money coming from so many different sources for the winners, X Play decided to switch it up and after the initial Pod race, they called for the STAP Death Races. Most of the STAP Races where last man standing, with impossible amounts of laps to encourage the use of the STAPS built in weapon systems and the organiser Kaelinn ‘Baby Girl’ X encouraging racers to spend less time doing laps and more time gearing down and ambushing the other racers.

Death Races

It seemed to work as one by one the racers where shot down and returned back to the start line bearly escaping death, scratched, bruised and smelling like smoke and singed hair. The Pod / STAP races also saw the return of last seasons Galactic Swoop Cup winner, Nora Saria, who later said “The constant mixing up of the races made it a little nerve wracking.. but fun” There was a personal wager put out for anyone who could beat this seasons undefeated racer, Jay of Nar Shaddaa. It was a very close series of races, and for a while it seemed anyone could win, but in the final two races Nora and Jay started to pull ahead. It was then that racer Lust decided to race a bit different, and turning her pod around, started to ram the other racers, causing Jay to leave the race and Nora to win by just a few points.

STAP line up in Bengat

Jay However, wasn’t satisfied saying he only wanted to race Nora, to see who the true winner between the two would be. Standing nearby and over hearing this, Kaelinn X quickly arranged a grudge match between the two famous racers, Nora and Jay. It was a very close race until Jay took a corner too lose and got hung up on a sign, allowing Nora to lap him and win the grudge match.

This weeks top racers where Nora Sierra, who won a huge cas payout, sponsored by X Play, Envy for winning her personal wager, and the biggest of all from Helsing the Hutt, followed by Jay, Lust and Rush who was racing for the pride of GAR. The races will continue again next week at the same time on Bengat. Like the last couple weeks, the only thing predictable is someone will be taking home a grip of cash.

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