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CIS Meeting Held at Aurilla City on Dathomir

March 11, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the CIS meeting on Dathomir.

Dathomir: Aurilla City was the host for the Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS) meeting. As is customary each member system acts as president for a month before rotating the position off to the next member. As Wing and her organization on Ilum has gone missing and with that world becoming more under the oversight of the Jedi, their turn as hosts was handed off to Dathomir. In attendance were High Mother Lady Kia and Governor Moff Karu of Aurilla City from the host planet, Magister Salene Lusch and Master Flint Mokeev from Zonama Sekot, Gistya Antilles from the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC), and Isulla the Hutt from Mustafar.

CIS meets on Dathomir.

Lady Kia started the meeting by talking about the previous mentioned Wing of Ilum. Investigation have still not given any clues as to the lady’s disappearance or as to the missing miners and Mandalorian guards in her employment. She then asked for a motion to draft an arrest warrant for Lord Numinous of the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR) who has been accused of attacking civilians and Jedi on Ilum believing they may be involved in Wing’s disappearance. Kia used her position as the backer of the Ilum mines to give authorization to the CIS to send forces to conduct the arrest.

Lady Antilles was concerned that this could be a bait to involve Lady kia and subsequently the CIS into a conflict on Ilum. Grand Moff Karu suggested to send a third party to investigate more closely the happenings on Ilum and prepare a report for what moves the CIS should make before committing to an action. Also representatives would be sent to speak with the Mandalorian leaders to see if they’ve heard anything from the missing mandalorians having guarded the planet. The fact-finding mission was then voted into agreement by the other members.

Next Lady Antilles brought forth her report on the activities of the Revenant Armada against Hapes. From her investigation she said the conflict resulted from a trade dispute where Jedi from Hapes were then sent to Nar Shaddaa to try to end the dispute which led to a wider conflict and the strike against Hapes. Lady Salene Lusch was still concerned about the strike because she said it was in response to the actions of a Jedi incidently from Hapes but directed against the Hapes government. This would be an abuse of power. Also she said a Jedi of Ilum was also involved in the attack and suggested he Revenant are asked about the many missing people in that planet.

It was agreed that Shaka the Hutt, who is the envoy from Nar Shaddaa who has a seat at the CIS, should be consulted about these recent attacks. Lately he’s been absent from several meetings so it was agreed to try to catch him at Hutt Night. Hopefully he can shed more light on these attacks and give his opinion on the role of the Revenant Armada in the CIS.

On a final note, Lady Kia stated that the Trade Fairs that have been held on Dathomir have been a great success bringing in several avenues of business. She hopes to extend the events even more and hopes the other members participate even more, which they agreed to.

With that the CIS meeting came to an end and the next is scheduled to take place on Korriban.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira