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New Surge of Virus in Tython

March 11, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News Network discussed with a Jedi about the new evolution of the virus in Tython.

Jedi Acker in the laboratory

The Jedi of Tython (NJO) have found a modified version of the virus who spread on the planet and caused a preventive move of refugees. The original stem turned out to be harmless for the sentient being, even if it affected a part of the fauna and a cure was found anyway. The modified version might be more dangerous and was already found in dead creatures. The symptoms resemble alcohol intoxication or the results of extreme physical exercise.

Furthermore some indications hint the recent presence of Darth Septus, a biologist who was already condemned in Yavin 4 for spreading a virus, is behind the modification. As a precaution, samples of the new virus were sent to the Jedi of Yavin to compare them with Septus’ stems. Darth Septus would also have been seen in Yavin 4.

The Jedi are advising people to stay away from animals and report any unusual symptoms.

— Daana Kira

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