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Baby Girl passes out at Bengat Pod Races

March 15, 2013

Correspondant of the Galactic News Network attended at the race in Bengat

X Play members attempting to help

Last Pod races on Bengat started in tragedy. Before the racers could even take the starting line, the famous founder of X Play, Kaelin X also known as Baby Girl, collapsed in the sand. Witnesses said Baby Girl was looking pale and was saying her vision was blurred and said “everything looked green to her”. Lucky The Head of X play security, Aran and Baby girls’ Apprentice, Envy were there to aid her. After ruling out a simple fever, they evacuated the woman back to Nar Shaddaa, where medical staff on hand stabilized and prepped her for transfer to Kessel Medical. Once arriving at Kessel Medical, It was later announced that Baby Girl was poisoned from an unknown source.

While in critical condition Baby girl slipped into a coma, Medical Staff are unsure if or when she will wake up. Envy send an official announcement about these recent events to GNN “All of our thoughts and prayers at X Play are with Baby Girl to make a full recovery. We will also be launching a full investigation on who is behind this horrible tragedy. Also all X Play events will continue as scheduled in Baby Girls absence, starting with Zinger’s Sexy School Girl party at Baby Girl’s tomorrow on Nar Shaddaa ((Friday 7pmSLT))”