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Baby Girls’ party in Nar Shaddaa: Danced until she dropped!

March 16, 2013

A witness reported the School Party in the Baby Girls’ club of Nar Shaddaa.

Party’s poster

Though still reeling from their manager Kaelinn X’s condition, the staff of X-Play and Baby Girl’s Nightclub on Nar Shaddaa continued on and went ahead with their Sexy School Girl party. The event, the brainchild of Luxury Droid Zinger, was a huge success. Some of the sexiest girls in the known universe came out in their skimpiest outfits for the event. All the boys who missed it really missed out. The girl to guy ratio was about twenty to one!

Drinks were had, tops were lost, fun was had by all. Twi’lek beauty Sienn danced until she pulled both of her calf muscles. Even Lust, who isnt known for crazy party fun drank until she nearly passed out, only to be saved the X-Play’s own, the beautiful Envy.

This is just the second of Zinger’s naughty fun events at Baby Girl’s. Many more are in the works including a possible Sexy Maid night.

Witness report