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Reestablishment of Kiros Colony

March 16, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News discussed with Kiros settlers.

Kiros settlement

The planet Kiros welcome a new colony, wishing to repopulate it and take advantage of the resources available. The planet was one time ago colonised by Togruta and new ones want to return, with the help of people from other species looking for the freedom a new settled world can provide. The preliminary excursions indicated the site has all necesssary and prudent galactic resources required for a robust economy. The colony would start focusing on agriculture, but is Ferrous materials in the Arid Rock on the west and conifer and deciduous woods on the east. Company interested to help exploiting the colony and its resources are welcome. Some slavers even installed near the new arena but their presence is controversial.

So far, the colony has not pledged allegiance to any faction. However they had the the visit of Mandalorian, Jedi or Sith delegations. Hopefully, this establishment will be able to prosper in peace.

— Daana Kira

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