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Interruptions at Latest CIS Trade Fair Doesn’t Stall Commerce

March 17, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest CIS Trade Fair on Dathomir.

The Nightsisters of Dathomir once again hosted a Trade fair on behalf of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS). Merchants from across the galaxy like Tishia Rinai from Zonama Sekot setup up merchant stalls to sell their exotic and hard to find wares in the Dathomirian city of Aurilla. High Mother Kia and several other nightsisters were on hand to oversee the event and to conduct their own trade. Officers from the Consortium Alliance were also present to provide security.

Individuals gather at the weekly trade fair on Dathomir.

Though the event didn’t attract the huge crowds as before several high-level negotiations did take place. At the top was a deal made between Lady Kia and a faction from Tatooine over the sale of two capital ships. Lady Kia has been raising a navy for a number of years and several warships have been introduced. This very day a new class of Exodus class battle ship was introduced, which impressed the representative from Tatooine who was interested in upping her security as tensions between the Fel Empire and the Hutt Syndicate. As a third-party they’ve been amassing a force in Tatooine orbit and with a purchase of two of the smaller Dathomirian class ships they maybe able to keep a full war from breaking out on Tatooine.

Even though the sale went smoothly, the Tatooine representative was concerned that several nightsisters were helping the Hutt syndicate against the Imperials. Lady Kia stated she would look into the matter and that she wasn’t aware of anyone helping the Hutts directly other than she and several of the other nightsisters did have trade deals with certain Hutts.

As for the event itself, everything else went smoothly other than one incident involving a possible assassin. A man tried to set off explosives near the nightsisters though he was stopped and fled from the scene. Curiously he was already injured but Consortium security along with the nightsisters sent out trackers to find him. Priestess Septra identified the man as Wolf but had no more information on him other than she may have been the target of his failed attack. As for the whereabouts of this Wolf, its unknown at this time.

Overall the Trade fair was another success and for those seeking trade of any sorts would be well advised to attend this periodic event on Dathomir. This open commerce event is scheduled to take place weekly at the same time ((3PM-5PM SL time)).

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira