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Rancor neutralised in Yavin 4

March 18, 2013

Reporter of the Galactic News Network heard about the discovery of the Rancor nest in Yavin 4.

The rancor nest (source: KOJ)

Yavin 4: The nest of armoured rancors was eventually be neutralised by the Jedi of Yavin 4 and their allies from the Jensaarai, the HK military as well as one mercenary. These rancors terrorized the area and forced the authorities to forbid the non escorted access to the Forest. Finally a tracker was set one of the this creature which eventually led to their hideout.

Here the Jedi met their “master,” a man introducing himself as Shadowlord Vien. Apparently he held some grudge against the enclave, but he gave no details. He was using Sith power to make the rancors even more dangerous. He refused to surrender and had to be killed during th fight opposing him and his large rancors against the security. Unless other element is found, he will keep his mystery in his grave. The security had to deplore a few casualties.

Jedi recovering after the event

At the end, the rancors were neutralised. The Jensaarai proposed to find them a new safe home. The HK droids of the Syneditos Mekhane will stop its protection of the moon now the thread is over. The forest and the enclave, expectingly will recover their peace.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide