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Viral Catastrophe is Very Possible on Tython

March 19, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to the world of Tython where a virus has gotten more out of control.

Tython orbital station: The arrivals and departs from Tython are strictly supervised since the spread of a viral agent. Fighters from the local force and allies are enforcing the quarantine. According to the Jedi, Darth Septus dropped a bunch of cans of his special strain that spread the airborne virus in the atmosphere. Anybody landing in the planet has to pass by a biohazard protocol, otherwise they are kept on planet until its determined if they have been infected or not. And since the virus is new almost no-one who may have been exposed is allowed to leave. In fact at the current time almost the entire population on the surface is being quarantined until the virus is properly studied.

Jedi Acker in the orbital station

To make matters worse, the Jedi and medical personnel have very little to go on; only scant samples of retrieved from the canisters. There only other hope for information is from Septus himself. For now the Jedi order has no idea where he is and the only captured employee of his committed suicide. Lady Acker of the New Jed Order (NJO) is hoping information where the employee came from or other information on Septus would step forward.

The only other hope is that the final outcome of coming down with the virus is yet unknown, though from information gathered on the wildlife, the virus seems to cause one to become a sort of deranged and dangerous zombie like creature. Because of this potential threat the Jedi and other planetary leadership is asking for anyone that can provide assistance to contact them. Otherwise they’ve made the capture of Septus the top priority of theirs.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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