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Violence again at Weekly Dose in Nar Shaddaa

March 20, 2013

A local correspondant in Nar Shaddaa attended at the Weekly Dose event.

As a small crowd gathered at the Weekly Dose, a regular event in Baby Girls’ club in Nar Shaddaa lower city. They came for fun and laughter among friends when an armored figure bumbled up to the bar. Abrasive and rude he challenged the nearest speaker to a fight, getting into their face as they spoke. As head of security Aran, tried to warn the male to behave or leave, which caused him to turn his attention to her. He obnoxiously dared the security chief Aran to kill him, creating intense tension among the guests of the club.

As Aran and others tried to calm him down and get him to leave, he instead turned to Sihivus Verne. Taunting Verne to kill him, he kicked his weapon at her. Meanwhile Aran attempted to restrain him as Verne took out her sizable blaster and shot the man, once in the head and six times to the body. The crowd was shocked as the splatter from the man’s body hit them with gory goo.

Agitator laying down

The animals who had been acting as guards to their owners became harder to manage. Sil’oola began to cry as she was one of the closest. The body was still in Aran’s hands as it fell to the floor staining the white rug. Aran was disgusted at the carnage and angry with Verne for fulfilling the fool’s death wish. Chastising Verne for not showing restraint, Aran asked Verne to leave. Verne was puzzled as the man had asked her directly by name to kill him and she did have a reputation to maintain.

In a twist of events, the man suddenly returned to life. A collective gasp bursted from the crowd, to which Verne comments to Aran, “And you did not want me to shoot him.” The man was a Gendai, a very robust species. He eventually left when Aran requested it, after some startled discussions of what everyone had just witnessed.

Verne returned to speak about the initial purpose of her visit. Her own club has been attacked by three Jedi who destroyed ancient artifacts. Then people begin to leave for other places in the Galaxy.