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Coruscant Under the Control of the Order of Dark Sith Lords

March 24, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with the leadership of the Order of Dark Sith Lords for a tour of their palace and surrounding area on Coruscant. Later a GNN Corespondent reported the coronation of UrZuric Kirkorian to Emperor of Coruscant.

Corsucant with Sith flag in place.

Coruscant: The government and surround sectors of Coruscant have changed hands once again and are under the control of the Order of Dark Sith Lords led by Lord Oblivion and Lady Zyrah. Having wrested control by force, the two Sith Lords showed off their new palace and changes they’ve made to some of the surrounding landmarks.

Order of Dark Sith Lord members on Coruscant.

According to the new rulers this conquest sparks the reemergence of his Sith Empire that will spread throughout the galaxy. He hopes to coordinate with the other Sith Empire based out of Byss, but time will tell if any relationship can be made there. For now they are consolidating their power on Coruscant and preparing to make alliances.

Senate building on Coruscant.

First they’ve created an area in the entertainment district specifically for Hutt use and hope to form a formal alliance with many. Secondly the Senate and other government buildings are being kept in hopes the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) will make use of them. While in control of Malrev, the regime had petitioned for membership  in the CIS, though now that may be mute as many parts of the confederacy constitution looks to bar their membership, though those details will have to be hammered out. At the very least they may be able to form a treaty with them.

Already in place to govern their new holdings, a large Imperial Palace has been built-in the government sector. Larger than the one on Marlev 4 the new Emperor and his advisors will over see the governance of Corsucant from their. Through their tight control they will improve the lives of the citizens under their control and make Coruscant even a bigger gem than it is now.

GNN will keep abreast of events as they unfold on Coruscant and the expansion of the Order of the Dark Sith Lords into other planets such as Voss. ”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Later that day the coronation of Oblivion took place and the following was filed by the local Coruscant Corespondent.

Coronation begins.

Once more the tides of light and darkness change on Corsucant and Voss System, as Lord Oblivion of the Order Of Dark Sith Lords was crowned Emperor of Coruscant, once home of the Galactic Republic.

A Large crowd gathered from all over the galaxy to witness the event, including Gilbar the Hutt from The Hutt Syndicate and Baby Girl of X play. as well as representatives from The Dark Lords of the Sith and the Sith Empire. Missing were members of The Disciples of Ragnos. who were not welcome at the coronation of the new Emperor of Coruscant.

Crowd gathers to view the new Emperor and Empress.

The crowd gathered outside the great throne room before being allowed in to witness the crowning ceremony lead by Lady Kia of Dathomir and witnessed by Lady Zyrah, the new emperors love, who also took place in the ceremony donning the diamond crown showing the Sith’s complete domination of Coruscant.


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